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Peacock Water Hyacinth

Peacock Water Hyacinth

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Enjoy this aquatic beauty year after year! Create smiles with a pop of color. This bloom is a one of a kind hyacinth…definitely a special one. Besides the beautiful flowers, are exotic leaves that are so much fun to make. Bring out your creative side by taking the journey to create this unique bloom.


Flowers- 2” Blooms
Arrangement- 10” tall

Fun Facts:

The shape of the petiole influences the amount of air contained and consequently the capacity for the plant to float.

Studies have suggested that water hyacinth in its fresh form contains about 90% water and about 15 – 20% solid materials. Generally, the dry weight contains about 25 – 35% protein-related matter, with about 17% amino acids and the rest being amides. Amides are usually toxic; reason why water hyacinth is not eaten fresh like other edible vegetables such as lettuce.

Water hyacinth reproduce both by vegetative and sexual reproductive methods and both are characterized by the potential for production of large numbers of individuals in a short period of time. Seeds are produced in vast quantities, up to 300 seeds per capsule, and are long-lived, remaining viable for 5–20 years.

Flowering does not occur in all plant populations (Freidel et al, 1978). Seed production is affected by humidity and temperature. Low relative humidity results in low fruit setting.

Water hyacinth is used for making textiles, paper and for camouflaging fish traps.

In South-East Asia, the plants are often chopped and mixed with by-products such as banana stems, rice bran, copra meal or fish meal and then boiled to make a suitable feed for pigs, ducks or pond fish.

Water hyacinth is a major environmental concern in many countries. It quickly invades large water areas, due to a high rate of vegetative propagation, and forms dense mats that obstruct waterways.


Dust with a soft hand duster. Do not wash your flowers

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