Crochet Garden Materials & Tools


Discover these essential materials and tools I've curated for crafting exquisite crochet flowers and plants. These are my go-to materials and magical tools for crocheting beautiful flowers and plants! This evolving list showcases treasures I've used in my crochet adventures and some that still accompany me on this fun thread journey. Stay tuned, as I continue to sprinkle in new tools and materials to keep your crochet garden top-notch! 🌺🌷🪴🌿


🌺  Aleene's Fabric Stiffener

🌺  Aleene's Draping Liquid

🌺  Ball Tools For Petal Forming

🌺  Wire Cutters

🌺  Glue Gun

🌺  Mini Scissors

🌺  Crochet Hooks

🌺  Glue Sticks


🌺  24 Gauge Wires

🌺  Mini Spray Bottle

🌺  18 Gauge Wires

🌺  Watercolor Brush Set

🌺  Oil Pastel Chalks

🌺  Floral Tape In Many Colors!

🌺  Measuring Tape

🌺  Permanent Marker Set

🌺  Garden Shears