Meet Leticia

Welcome to the ONLY crochet flower garden club that you can find on the internet that will take you from a beginner to a master crocheter, with simple arrangements that you can make in less time than it would take to make a blanket. It's like growing the sweetest strawberry tree without the long wait, ugly leaf spots and messy fruit drops!

You may find yourself here for one or more of these reasons:

You love to crochet, you love gardening, you want to start your own crochet flower business, you might have allergies (like myself), or you just might want to add to and spice up your crochet skills. Either way, you need a secret haven where you can go to relax with other like-minded crochet gardeners… you need a special place that will keep your crochet mojo going!

  • That special place that allows you to create easy crochet flowers and plants with WOW results
  • That special place gives you a variety of choices that you can combine
  • That special place that takes you on a journey to a creative masterpiece

To create a crochet garden masterpiece taking your creations above and beyond the vase

  • You must be filled with excitement to create and go beyond your imagination
  • You must have the right support just when you need it
  • You must learn the secrets behind the bloom and understand it from within


That’s Why I’m Here!

I help crochet flower beginners transform confusion into clarity, overwhelm into confidence, and doubt into empowerment. I contribute to helping you shed uncertainty and fear, finding the skills, resources, and encouragement to blossom creatively. Together, we'll turn every stitch into a step toward fulfillment and crochet flower mastery.
I’m Leticia, a busy mom of 8 little ones with an unimaginable dedication to taking the crochet flower world to a mind-boggling level. I’m the founder and devoted designer at Flawless Crochet Flowers where I share my Uber-exciting secret agenda of the most interesting flowers God and man have created. I'm also the founder of "The Crochet Garden Experience" Garden Club that teaches how to turn your crochet creations into profits. But, besides my favorite hobby,  I am a certified natural skincare formulator with a focus on caring for the skin during pregnancy breastfeeding, and throughout the motherhood journey.

St Croix, the largest island of the 4 Virgin Islands is my home. This island is where I get most of my inspiration; I still haven’t seen it all! I love learning as it never ends, and I’m on my continuous journey to building a remarkable revolution. What makes it even more worthwhile, is that I have you to take this excitingly-wondrous journey with me.

This club is not for everyone, but, it is for you if ….
  • Your mind races thinking of all the incredible garden creations you want to accomplish, but you feel stuck on where to start
  • You love to crochet and are looking for something new
  • You want to bring your two favorite hobbies together (crochet and gardening)
  • You enjoy gardening, but it’s now a challenge
  • You love flowers but have allergies (like myself)
  • You're looking for easy-to-do flower patterns
  • You want to create flowers with like-minded crafters
  • You want to take your crochet skills beyond your wildest dreams
  • You want to create beyond the ordinary garden flowers, plants, and succulents
  • You want to start your very own crochet garden venture and have no idea where or how to begin.

If this sounds anything like you, you've reached your destination for inspiration.


Your Crochet Garden Friend,