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FALL in love with crochet all over again. Creating easy to follow along crochet projects makes it even more fun! Grab your hook and create these miniature succulent topped pumpkins. It 's a great way to add a little pumpkin spice to your FALL decor. See how easy it is for yourself... It's FREE! 

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Crochet a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece that is super inviting to the dinner table. Let's not forget how it creates engagement and sparks interesting conversations. Let your crochet harvest arrangement be the center of your family gatherings.

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Flawless Ideas

It all starts from an idea. An idea to bring crochet botanicals to life in a fab way. Flawless ideas that turn into... 

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Our crochet patterns are curated specifically to create designs you won't find anywhere else. Designs that produce...

Flawless Flowers

Take your crochet botanicals to mind boggling levels. You'll be taken through an easy learning path to help you create flawless masterpieces!

Create Your Very Own Succulent Garden! 

Flawless Crochet Flower Card Series 

Series 1: Crochet Dianthus Flower Pot Card

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Dive into a learning path that leaves you with unforgettable experiences. Crochet flowers on a different level!

Harlequin Lace African violet 

Narine Diamond Lily


Prince and Princess Tulips 

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We're Creating Together!

We all crochet for many reasons too numerous to mention. When we crochet together, it make things so much easier. I love creating crochet botanicals specifically to share them with you. So join us in the crochet flower tribe. There's a lot to create. Join me as take your crochet creations beyond the vase.

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See what our fellow crafters have to say about our flawless crochet flowers and plants.

"I'm excited to be taking part in another of Leticia's challenges. I learn so much and the group offers help and encouragement. The CALs are always fun!"

- Yvonne A.


“Absolutely beautiful flowers created by a very talented lady! 💞 ”

-Lillian Hruby

“I recommend all the beautiful flower patterns they are very easy to understand and work up. and all the Cal's have been super supportive ”

 - June Holt

“Stunning designs, well written patterns, loads of clear pictures. Excellent value for money, and so much support from a designer who actually cares about her customers. Highly recommended - you won't be disappointed.”

  -Marie Llewellyn