Plant your creativity with crochet gardening, where the worlds of crochet and gardening seamlessly connect. Step into this fabulous space of creativity and nature as we celebrate the beauty of crochet and the fun of gardening... All in the same space. Immerse yourself in the beautiful vibrant colors, delicate stitches, and blooming wonders. Whether you're an avid crocheter, a green thumb enthusiast, or simply want to appreciate the harmony of these garden beauties, you have reached your destination for inspiration, knowledge, and community.

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Creations Of The Month

Celebrating the season in stitches. Stay tuned for our Christmas collection!

Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia

Experience the joy of bringing a burst of autumn magic to your home, capturing the essence of a pumpkin's bloom in a delightfully crafted masterpiece.

Make The Bloomquist Dahlia

Feeling Research-Drained?

Endless scrolling for that perfect project got you feeling 'search fatigued and researched-drained'? Fed up with the never-ending quest for crochet inspiration? Join us on a journey to reveal the hidden treasures of creativity! Our membership opens the doors to a world of exclusive crafting gems, where inspiration is at your fingertips. Our membership simplifies the crafting journey, making it a breeze to create stunning projects without the hassle of scouring the internet for ideas, hunting down materials, or breaking the bank on individual patterns.

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Blossoming Outside The Garden Club. Handpick Your Favorite Single Blooms.

Not ready to join the garden club just yet? No worries! You can individually handpick your favorite blooms from our garden shop categories below. Explore and purchase single patterns, each a unique, delightful crochet creation waiting for you. Dip your toes into our crochet world and enjoy the beauty of individual blossoms. When you're ready, the Garden Club will be here to welcome you into our flourishing community.

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