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Flawless Crochet Flowers

Maroon Monster Venus Flytrap

Maroon Monster Venus Flytrap

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Finally releasing the Venus Flytrap to the shop! Enjoy creating this subtropical carnivorous plant with a step-by-step written pattern filled with high-quality images to guide you along the way. It is so much more fun to create when you understand the plant. This pattern will give you some insight into what the flytrap is all about. 🥰


What you get

❤️ PDf file with lots of step-by-step, high-quality images to follow along.

❤️ Printer-friendly version without images to save on ink.

❤️ Direct help from me (the designer). I'm just a message away.



Materials Needed

Scheepjes (Maxi Sugar Rush) Crochet thread. You can use any size 10 crochet thread.

- Ruby
- White
- Lime Juice
- Spring Green

🪴Other Materials

* 1.25 mm and 1.00 mm Crochet Needles
* 18 and 24 gauge wires
* Green Floral Tape
* Glue/glue gun
- Fabric stiffener (Optional)
- Markers (Optional)


Venus Flytrap Fun Facts

🪴The only place in the entire world where Venus flytraps grow naturally is in North and South Carolina. The plant requires poor, low-quality soil to grow properly. This is why they are a carnivorous species. Their lives depend on the nutrients provided by insects.

🪴Did you know, that technicians in the United States and in South Korea have built robot replicas of the Venus flytrap, which can catch and digest its meals for fuel!

🪴According to Apple Pest Control, When prey is captured, the flytrap secretes a liquid in a way that a human stomach functions. The digestive system of a flytrap is slow, taking as many as 10 days to completely digest insects and reopen its trap. However, Venus flytraps cannot digest exoskeletons. Instead, when its trap reopens, it spits out the bones of the insects.

🪴Even though Venus flytraps are carnivorous plants, they cannot eat the same types of meat a human can. If you feed flytrap meat that humans eat, it will turn black, rot and die.

🪴The lobes on the plant that opens to trap insects only have a limited number of lives. After each capture, the lobes of the plant remain closed for roughly a week and a half, preventing it from receiving additional nutrients. The lobes can only open and close around half a dozen times before it is permanently close. The trap will continue to photosynthesize to provide nutrients to the plant but will be unable to trap unsuspecting insects.

🪴During the darker parts of the day, the plant emits a fluorescent blue light to attract bugs.

🪴This maroon version is a hybrid as it has been created.


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The contents and the design of this pattern are copyright protected. You are not allowed to copy, re-distribute, or record the pattern and its content in any way possible. Translating this pattern violates this policy. However, you are allowed to sell products made from this pattern as long as it is not in mass production and you leave a link to my shop in your product listing.

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