Crochet Stingray Philodendron

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A beautiful pattern resembling the stingray aquatic animal with it's long whiptail. Because of this, this unique plant has earn its name "Stingray". It also goes by "Elephant Ears".

Looking for the perfect forever plant... one that takes up little space? This crochet pattern is super easy and fun to create. This is the perfect plant to add a touch of exotic to your crochet collection.



4" x 3" including the whiptail


Materials Needed

Scheepjes (Maxi Sugar Rush) Crochet Thread

Sage Green
Forest Green

Green floral tape
20 and 18 gauge wires
1.25 crochet needle
Fabric stiffener or Mod Podge


Fun Facts

The Stingray Philodendron is also known as “Elephant Ears”

They’re from the tropical rainforests of Asia.

Their stems can be plain or tiger-striped

Alocasia is a member of the Arum family

This philodendron can reach a height of four meters


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