Crochet Spider Chrysanthemum

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For A Decor That Screams Beauty… Despite Its Scary Name!

It’s Time To Design!

During the holidays, we want to decorate in a way that makes us feel happy, and also make our visitors feel at home. Here’s one bloom that will brighten the creative spirit in any room from your entryway and throughout.

This season, create a bunch of Chrysanthemums to fit right into your Halloween/Thanksgiving decor. After all the laughters, hugs and feasting, these Chrysanthemums are sure to leave a warm, welcoming, and lasting impression. Don’t be surprised if they become the talk of the day!

This Chrysanthemum was designed with the thought of ease in mind to make sure that you can flow through the crochet process effortlessly while having fun. I guarantee, the result of your accomplishment is the best part!

You can create these mums

-Even if you have never crocheted flowers before
-Even if you think they look complicated (I promise they are easy!)


Step by step instructions
Lots of clear quality images
Direct support via our FB group with over 6200 lovely like-minded members. (Join our group here)

Overall- 6” Diameter x 13” high
Stems- 10.5”
Flower Head- 6” Diameter
Flower Bud- 1” Diameter x 1” High


No washing needed. Dust lightly from time to time to remove particles.

The Mission

Learn The Easy Way

Crochet flowers can look intimidating with their intricate beauty. But, crocheting flowers is much easier than it looks. My mission is to help you take the leap to create something beautiful.


Her designs are so specific so intricate yet so easy to follow and make natural beauties...I get very little time to make all the patterns thanks to my 18 months baby girl. But still, I try my best to be in touch.

Sharvari Gaidhani

Leticia's patterns have always been my favorite for the years that I have bought her patterns. 

Jo-An Prevatt