Crochet Pilea Baby Tears

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This pattern comes with 2 leaf sizes!

My love for crochet plants h increased greatly over the p couple of years. Since I started designing crochet plants, I build a large list of to-do's, and this Baby Tears Pilea Depress was one on the list.

It is so much fun to make and the outcome is beautifully pleasing to the eyes. After studying the plant, I fell in love with it even more! Here are a few facts about this beauty.

  • Pilea depressa is practically indestructible and requires very little maintenance to survive in an enclosure.
  • Pilea depressa also known as the Baby Tears Plant, is a trailing plant with petite leaves growing no taller than 3 inches.
  • Tropical ground cover plant with an abundance of miniature leaves
  • They grow tiny creamy white flowers that have no petals. For this reason, they are not used decoratively. 
  • It is a moss-like plant that creeps very quickly. 
  • It is part of the Urticaceae (the nettle) family. Without the stinging hairs.
  • Interestingly, Both male flowers and female flowers may be borne on the same plant.
  • Native to Corsica and Sardinia in Italy, the baby tears plant identifies by the botanical name Soleirolia soleirolii. Common names include Irish moss and “Mind-Your-Own-Business.”


What you get

❤️ PDf file with lots of step-by-step, high-quality images to follow along. This pattern includes 2 leaf sizes (Small and medium).

❤️ Direct help from me (the designer). I'm just a message away.


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Materials List

Scheepjes Sugar Rush Colors Used: You can also use Aunt Lydia’s or another #10 thread.

  • For Leaves: Spring Green and Forest Green
  • 1.25 mm Crochet Needle (or 1.00 mm for even smaller leaves)
  • 24 gauge wires
  • Draping liquid mixed with water (Or you can use any fabric stiffener)
  • Green Floral Tape
  • Fillers (soil, stones, etc)


The Mission

Learn The Easy Way

Crochet flowers can look intimidating with their intricate beauty. But, crocheting flowers is much easier than it looks. My mission is to help you take the leap to create something beautiful.


Her designs are so specific so intricate yet so easy to follow and make natural beauties...I get very little time to make all the patterns thanks to my 18 months baby girl. But still, I try my best to be in touch.

Sharvari Gaidhani

Leticia's patterns have always been my favorite for the years that I have bought her patterns. 

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