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Hey Crochet Garden Friend,

Welcome to the ONLY crochet flower garden club that you can find on the internet that will take you from a beginner to a master crocheter, with simple arrangements that you can make in less time than it would take to make a blanket.




Here's What You Will Enjoy

🌷Learn about each bloom before creating them. It always turns out better when you know the bloom from within


🪴 Monthly CALs that will not be available in my shops (members get exclusive design voting power)


🌷The only place you can come to crochet with crochet garden friends. Whether it’s flowers, plants, or succulents, we’ve got it all.


🪴 Each month, you'll get 2 printable ebooks to go along with the CAL. One will have step-by-step instructions along with high-quality images and the second ebook will be a printer-friendly version without images to help you save on ink.


🌷 Get early access to any new patterns I create within the month before I add them to my shops. You'll also get 50% off.


🪴 Get a member shout-out under my Youtube videos. This also helps me to show my appreciation for your support.




This club is not for everyone, but, it is for you if ….


  • Your mind races thinking of all the incredible garden creations you want to accomplish, but you feel stuck on where to start

  • You love to crochet and are looking for something new

  • You want to bring your two favorite hobbies together (crochet and gardening)

  • You enjoy gardening, but it’s now a challenge

  • You love flowers but have allergies (like myself)

  • You're looking for easy-to-do flower patterns

  • You want to create flowers with like-minded crafters

  • You want to take your crochet skills beyond your wildest dreams

  • You want to create beyond the ordinary garden flowers, plants, and succulents


If this sounds anything like you, you're in the right place! 


What’s the Garden Escape Club Like? Engage your imagination…


  • It’s like having a crochet flower machine at your side, helping you create fabulous flowers… it’s that easy!


  • It’s like having access to a creative craft room full of crochet flower ideas that you can create by the click of a button and have a fabulous flower decor just when you need it.


  • It’s like being part of a tribe of like-minded crafters, sitting around a table, engaging in conversation about the unimaginable creation we are working on.




What if you could create your very own secret garden story?

Hi, I’m Leticia and I invite you to escape Into the crochet world of “Gardens” with me.



🌷 A garden full of creativity and style

🌷 A garden with crochet butterflies and hummingbirds

🌷 A garden of flowers oh so pleasing to the eye

🌷 A garden that speaks for itself without words

🌷 A garden filled with crochet greenery, flowers and succulents

🌷 A garden that provides peace and therapy

🌷 A garden created around beautiful moments

🌷 A garden that will make history

🌷 Gardens with flowers, trees and berries

🌷 Including vines , bonsai and fern

🌷 Projects that leave you feeling wild and merry

🌷 Oh, all the flower history you’ll learn

🌷 Create gardens that bring out the artist in YOU

🌷 Projects that unfolds before your eyes

🌷 Gardens of red, purple, yellow and blue

🌷 Flourishing gardens that never dies




Take this crochet garden journey with me to bring your garden story to reality! 

Gardening takes patience whether you are growing them or creating them… they don’t ever grow overnight.


You Don’t  Have To Do It Alone! Join Our “No Flower Left Behind” Club.

Take this journey with us as we thrive to tackle one creation at a time.


Here's What You Get

🌷Monthly pattern that will be done as a crochet along with other members on Patreon. You'll receive both the digital version plus the printer-friendly version to help you save on ink. These printable patterns will be delivered via email.

🪴 Exclusive video tutorial to go along with the pattern.

🌷 50% discount on any single pattern or pattern bundles I may add to my shops during the given month.

🪴 Member shout-out on my YouTube videos. 

🌷 Access the free written pattern for any new video I add to YouTube

🪴 Loyalty reward after 3 months

🌷 Calendar of the month ( know what we'll be working on ahead of everyone else )