Crochet Poinsettia: Double Chaconia

Crochet Poinsettia: Double Chaconia

Welcome to the world of the Chaconia Double Bloom, a crochet masterpiece that captures the spirit of the wild poinsettia in every stitch. Inspired by the vibrant Chaconia flower, our crochet pattern invites you to embark on a joyful journey of creativity and expression.

With the Chaconia pattern, you embark on a journey through a garden of possibilities. Every petal, bract, and leaf is a canvas for your creativity, mirroring the delicate intricacies of the real flower. The pattern guides you through ensuring that your creation mirrors the vivid hues and textures of nature.

The Chaconia pattern is more than just a replication; it's a meticulous study of botanical authenticity. From the graceful arch of the bracts to the delicate arrangement of the leaves, each element mirrors the real-life Chaconia, preserving the spirit of Trinidad's national treasure.



Scheepjes Sugar Rush

* Color used: You can also use Aunt Lydia’s or another #10 thread. 

  • Forest Green
  • Red
  • Yellow Gold


* Markers

* Green floral tape

*  1.1mm crochet needle

* Fabric stiffener

* Glue/Glue gun

* 24 gauge wires

* 18 gauge wires


The joy of the Chaconia lies not just in its final form but in the journey itself. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or a beginner exploring the wonders of crochet, this pattern is designed to be both accessible and delightful. Experience the satisfaction of transforming a skein of yarn into a garden-inspired masterpiece.

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Hi Katherine, I’m so sorry, this patten is an exclusive pattern in the garden club. You join us there to create it whether ongoing or for 30 days. Hope to see in the garden 🪴


Will you sell the pattern for this on your website?

Katherine Anderton

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