Crafting Autumn Elegance: The Crochet Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia

Crafting Autumn Elegance: The Crochet Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia


In the embrace of autumn, as nature paints with warm hues and the air carries the scent of fallen leaves, our crochet community is invited to take on a delightful journey of creativity. Today, we reveal the beautiful "Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia" pattern—a blossom of warmth and elegance to adorn your crafting repertoire.

Dive into the rich tones of autumn as the Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia pattern showcases a harmonious blend of warm oranges, deep red/pink, and subtle yellows. 

This pattern is a celebration of texture and form. Engage in the simple stitches, from the gentle petals to the intricate center, creating a masterpiece that mirrors the intricacy of nature's own designs.   




Whether adorning your living space, becoming a stylish accessory, or serving as a heartfelt gift, the Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia is a versatile addition to your indoor crochet garden.

Named after the renowned horticulturist, the Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of dahlias, translating it into a crochet masterpiece that captures the essence of fall.








Tools + Materials 

Threads- Scheepjes Sugar Rush

* Color used: You can also use Aunt Lydia’s or another #10 thread. 


  • Sweet Orange
  • Rich Coral
  • Grass Green
  • Watermelon


* Markers

* Green floral tape

*  1.1mm crochet needle

* Fabric stiffener

* Glue/Glue gun

* 24 gauge wires

* 18 gauge wires



Love learning through visuals? Don't miss out! The Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia pattern gives you access to our exclusive step-by-step video. Watch your beautiful creation come to life effortlessly!





This pattern is designed with accessibility in mind. Even if you're new to crochet gardening, you'll find joy in watching your Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia come to life with every stitch. Let your crochet hook spin a story of warmth and elegance with the Bloomquist Pumpkin Dahlia. Join The Garden Club HERE!

Join us on this wild and colorful crochet journey, where you'll explore the wonders of crochet, the garden's magic, and the fun of creating something truly extraordinary. Also, join us where we keep the fiesta going in our Facebook Group.


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