The Only 6 Stitches You Need To Master Crochet Flowers

The Only 6 Stitches You Need To Master Crochet Flowers

Hey gardeners, It's Leticia, your go-to crochet garden designer, here to help you bring crochet and gardening together flawlessly as we create realistic crochet gardens the easy way. Using ONLY simple stitches.

Crocheting flowers, plants, and succulents are not as complicated as it may seem to be. No one should EVER be intimidated to create such beauty. For this reason, I've started a Beginners Video Series to help you understand how easy it is to begin creating your first flower arrangement. Once you complete this series, you will also have completed your own crochet arrangement. Sounds like fun?

Let's take things back a bit. Before understanding how crochet flowers magically grow, you first need to start with a foundation. Understanding the foundation of a flower is a crucial step, as, without it, there's nothing to build on. In this case, you won't be able to create your stitches without a foundation chain. It's that simple. When crocheting garden creations, you begin with the foundation, but you'll also need a handful of simple crochet stitches to get things going.


We'll begin with our foundation chain. To create the foundation, you'll need to start with a slip knot, and then continue to make your foundation chain. If you are not familiar with a slip knot, I'll recommend you watch this short video that shows you how to do it using your crochet hook. Once you have your slip knot, simply put the yarn over your hook and pull it through the loop on the hook. Repeat for as many chains as needed.



Now let's have a chat about those simple stitches that you need to understand in order to crochet your very first realistic flower arrangement.

The next stitch we'll address is the slip st. This stitch is significant as it will be useful for crocheting pieces together, but it is also what I like to call a functional stitch as it helps to create spaces or a flat plain that allows you to crochet the shape of the flower petal or plant leaf you are aiming for. 


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