How To Make A Slip Knot With A Crochet Hook

How To Make A Slip Knot With A Crochet Hook


As simple as it may seem, learning to make a slip knot is a crucial step in crochet. Without it, you will not be able to make anything! I like to look at it as the beginning of my project journey. With that said, I thought it was an important share that was requested by a fellow crafter. Here's how I make my slip knot.


Step 1

With your thread, make a loop around your finger and insert your hook so that the loop is now on the hook. 



Step 2

Twist the thread so they cross each other to make an X, go under to grab the working thread, and pull through the loop.



Step 3

Pull on the working thread to tighten the knot






Here's a short video tutorial showing you how it's done.



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