Wooly Crassula Succulent

These tiny succulents are perfect for small places. They are super easy to create and adds a beautiful touch to your living space.


 Materials Needed

- Scheepjes (Maxi Sugar Rush) You can also use any size 10 crochet thread.


  •  Willow Green or Aunt Lydia’s Wasabi Green

  Other Materials 

  • 1.25 mm Crochet Needle 
  • Draping liquid mixed with water (Or you can use any fabric stiffener)
  • Brown or Green Floral Tape
  • Glue/glue gun 



Crassula Fun Facts

  •  Crassula Tomentosa or “ Woolly Crassula”, is perennials or biennials succulent.
  •  It was originated in Southern Namibia and the Republic of South Africa.
  •  The wolly crassula flowers early to mid-summer.
  •  Crassula’s are part of the Crassulaceae family: the stonecrop family of about 30 genera and 1,400 species with about 200 of them being accepted.
  •  Crassulas are usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings.
  •  The name crassula comes from Latin, meaning thick, referring to the thickening of the succulent leaves.