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Hey Crochet Garden Friend,

Welcome to the first-ever crochet greenhouse club, where we'll be bringing the fun of gardening indoors. Sometimes gardening can be impossible depending on the weather, or personal issues that c along with life. But I strongly believe that nothing should get in the way of my garden time. Don't you?

For quite some time now, I've been envisioning the greenhouse idea, and then it turned into an addicting hobby that I'd love to share with you. Just close your eyes and imagine being in a beautiful garden of your own, watching your plants/flowers grow to be something so special. That's the idea behind the Crochet Greenhouse Club.




Want to create your very own portable greenhouse? One that will give you the same gardening experience in an artistic, expressive way?

Hi, I’m Leticia and I invite you to join me on this journey as we create all year round. Escape Into the crochet world of “Greenhouse Gardening” with me.




🌷 A greenhouse on a smaller scale filled with crochet plants, flowers, and succulents

🌷 A garden that you can wake up to every single day. One that allows you to create and watch your blooms come to life regardless of whether or not it's nice outside today.

🌷 A mini garden that you can decorate all year round so it fits in with your decor.

My goal is to enhance the way you see gardening.




This club is not for everyone, but, it is for you if ….


  • You love gardening, but life has gotten in the way and prevents you from going out into the garden

  • You want to experience gardening in a more fun and creative way, while still getting the real-life garden experience
  • You love to crochet flowers/plants on a smaller scale. This allows you to get more done in a shorter timeframe

  • You want to bring your two favorite hobbies together (crochet and gardening)

  • You love flowers but have allergies (like myself), and you want to be able to enjoy the experience of gardening without being affected

  • You're looking for easy-to-do garden patterns

  • You want to crochet with like-minded crafters

  • You want to take your crochet skills beyond your wildest dreams

  • You want to create beyond the ordinary garden flowers, plants, and succulents


If this sounds anything like you, you're in the right place! 





Here's What You Will Enjoy With This Gardening Experience


🌷Learn about each bloom before creating them. It always turns out better when you know the bloom from within

🪴 One monthly pattern that will not be available in my shops (members get exclusive design voting power). These patterns will be placed in or around our greenhouse throughout the year.

🌷The only place you can come to crochet with crochet garden friends. Whether it’s flowers, plants, or succulents, we’ve got it all.

🪴 Each month, you'll get printable patterns and videos to follow along with.

🌷 Get early access to any new single patterns I add to my shop within the month. You'll also get 50% off. 

🪴 Get a club member shout-out under my Youtube videos. This also helps me to show my appreciation for your support.


Plus More!



Take this crochet greenhouse garden journey with me to bring your garden story to reality! Gardening takes patience whether you are growing them or creating them… they don’t ever grow overnight. But watching them come to life is the best part!


You Don’t  Have To Do It Alone! Join Our “Magical Greenhouse” Club.


Here's What You Get

🌷Monthly pattern that will be delivered via email. You'll receive both the digital version plus the printer-friendly version to help you save on ink. 

🪴 Exclusive video tutorial to go along with the pattern.

🌷 50% discount on any single pattern or pattern bundles I may add to my shops.

🪴 Member shout-out on my YouTube videos. 

🌷 Access the free written pattern for any new video I add to YouTube