Hey Fellow Crafter!


You may find yourself here for one or more of these reasons:

You love crochet, you love gardening, you might have allergies (like myself), or you just might want to add-to and spice up your crochet skills. Either way, you need a secret haven where you can go to relax with other likeminded crochet gardeners… you need a special place that will keep your crochet mojo going!

  • That special place that allows you to create easy crochet flowers and plants with WOW results
  • That special place that gives you a variety of choices that you can combine
  • That special place that takes you on a journey to a creative masterpiece


To create a crochet garden masterpiece taking your creations above and beyond the vase,

  • You must be filled with excitement to create and go beyond your imagination
  • You must have the right support just when you need it
  • You must learn the secrets behind the bloom and understand it from within


That’s Why I’m Here!


I help the doubtful, uncertain and distressed crochet flower enthusiast replace these discouraging emotions with excitement, entertainment and relaxation, as we take a single pattern and turn it into something remarkably fun!

I’m Leticia, a busy mom of 7 little ones with an unimaginable dedication to take the crochet flower world to a mind boggling level. I’m the founder and devoted designer at Flawless Crochet Flowers where I share my Uber-exciting secret agenda of the most interesting flowers God and man has created.

St Croix, the largest island of the 4 Virgin Islands is my home. This island is where I get most of my inspirations and I still haven’t seen it all! I love learning as it never ends, and I’m on my continuous journey to building a remarkable revolution. What makes it even more worthwhile, is that I have you to take this excitingly-wondrous journey with me.

Don't Get Left Behind, Stay On Hook!

Join the crochet flower tribe and never miss a thing! Join me on this awe-inspiring path to learn new ways to create beautiful crochet masterpieces! This crochet flower world has way more to offer than you can imagine. Stay on the hook as I release new patterns and the best freebies you'll ever find ❤️