Crochet Bird Of Paradise

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I am so pleased with this Bird of Paradise Bloom!!! I’m excited to introduce this beautiful and exotic flower to you! I know you will enjoy making it as much as I did.

The best part, it is quite easy to complete. This pattern gives you directions for creating the Flower bud, Full bloom, and the leaves. You can create these blooms into a short arrangement or make them tall and beautiful as I have! Either way, they will stand out and make a great first impression.

By the way… they make an amazing centerpiece. I just love how it looks on my dining table!

The blooms are about 8” wide from point to point and stand about 16” tall. However, you can alter the size to your preference.

Jump in the fun to create this exotic bloom!


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Happy Crocheting

The Mission

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Crochet flowers can look intimidating with their intricate beauty. But, crocheting flowers is much easier than it looks. My mission is to help you take the leap to create something beautiful.


Her designs are so specific so intricate yet so easy to follow and make natural beauties...I get very little time to make all the patterns thanks to my 18 months baby girl. But still, I try my best to be in touch.

Sharvari Gaidhani

Leticia's patterns have always been my favorite for the years that I have bought her patterns. 

Jo-An Prevatt