Bunny Ears Cactus 

What a cute addition to your Easter tablescape. These would be perfect as little arrangements to add place cards.


 Materials Needed

- Scheepjes (Maxi Sugar Rush) or Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. You can also use any size 10 crochet thread.


    • Olive Green or Sage Green
    • Lemon
    • Yellow gold


    Other Materials 

    • Green floral tape 
    • 18 gauge wires
    • 24 gauge wires
    • 1.25 crochet needle
    • Scissors
    • Pliers
    • Glue gun/glue
    • Filling (I used moss)

- Allene's Draping Liquid (Mix with water) This is optional.

- Light green floral tape

Bunny Air Cactus Fun Facts

  • The Bunny cacti are native to northern Mexico and desert regions stretching into Arizona. 
  • The spines come off with a simple touch and are best removed from the flesh with tweezers as they can cause skin irritations.
  • Other common names include bunny cactus, angel wings, polka dot cactus.
  • These cacti do not develop spines. Instead, they have what’s called glochids which are hair-like and soft to touch. However, can still be harmful.
  • The bunny ears cactus is originally red and turns green as it matures. The prickly “fur” can be white, or yellow depending on the variety. 
  • The flowers only bloom on rare occasions. But we can have them anytime as we crochet them!